Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Moving Day!

Sorry I've been MIA!  This move has really overwhelmed me more than I could have imagined.  We are all in and settled now but let's go back, way back to the first weekend in March...

Our house closing was very dramatic.  Closing company fighting with the lender, the person who is usually in charge called out, it was the last day of the month, and a Friday, etc.  It was an all day fire drill that I never want to go through again but in the end we got our keys, stopped by the house for 10 minutes and drove back to Montgomery County to pick up Mila at daycare 5 minutes before they closed.  Phew.

 I guess two feet (!) of snow on moving day would overwhelm most people.  Our move went relatively well considering we were dealing with the worst winter storm this year had to offer.  It took two days instead of one but at least we were doing a "local" move even if it was to a different state.  Matt was really the MVP of the move, directing the movers and going back and forth between Loudoun and Montgomery county countless times all while running out of wiper fluid and having to throw water on his windshield during the trek.

The only good thing about snow on moving day... beautiful pictures of your new house.

First night in the new house (with all the furniture at the condo).

Nothing keeps Mila from eating her guacamole, not even a lack of furniture.


Not happy (either one of them).

Waiting for the movers...

The only damage done was a quarter sized nick in the basement stairwell wall from a sofa so I would call it a very successful move overall (snow aside).  Now the fun part, making our new house a home!

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