Sunday, February 2, 2014

Siding and Cabinets and Railings, Oh My!

After our 3rd Annual Brock Family Charlottesville Wine Tour we stopped by the new house to check in on the progress.  This time we were met by our a fully sided house, new cabinetry and our railings!  As a family who loves to cook, coming from a 4'x 5' kitchen with 3 upper and 1 lower cabinets to our new kitchen is like Annie moving into Daddy Warbucks' mansion.

Sorry again for the blown out panoramic iPhone shots, it is too hard to chase the baby and use the DSLR camera in the house.




Dining Room

Living Room



Butler's Pantry


Upstairs Hallway

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Mila's Bedroom

Mila's Bathroom

Mila was thrilled with all the empty cabinets and drawers to open and close.


Guest Bathroom

Laundry Room


Rec Room

Basement Bathroom

Next up are floors and kitchen counters!

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