Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Moulding Has Begun

Last weekend's trip out to the house proved more fruitful in that all the walls had their first coat of primer, the interior doors were hung and the moulding had begun!  Sorry for the strange warping on the panographic photos but it is the best way I can get the whole room in a picture. 

From the front the house looks the same (although you can see the back of our neighbor's house, "Hi Neighbor!").  The metal porch roof and siding won't be installed until the interior is complete so there are no chances of it being damaged during construction.


Living Room / Front Door / Dining Room

 Living Room

Dining Room / Foyer / Living Room

Kitchen / Family Room

Family Room / Kitchen


Master Bedroom


Upstairs Hallway (Master Bedroom Door / Foyer / Guest Bedrooms

Seeing the moulding was so exciting to me for some reason, I began to tear up.  I know, I know, super corny, but something about it helped me to visualize living in the house.  Another emotional moment for me was seeing Mila run around the basement rec room.  This was her first time in the house since it wasn't safe enough until now.  We only put her down for a few minutes and there were 4 adults nearby to keep her wrangled in the room but I loved seeing her have more than 8 square feet of play space.  Now we'll just have to remind Mila that the shadow box moulding is not a canvas for her art. ;)

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