Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pre-Drywall Walk-Through and Inspection

The Friday before Christmas we had our pre-drywall walk-through on the new house.  It was a bit of a tense week as we learned, via a very quick email from the sales department, that our construction supervisor, who had the closest relationship to the construction of the house and us personally, was no longer working with the company.  Just 3 days before our tentative walk-through.  Luckily another construction manager from a different property took over and made us feel much better.

Having your own house inspector at this walk-through was optional.  If you are building a home I would highly recommend you spend the money for your own inspector.  Luckily our inspector only found very few minor corrections to make but he was so knowledgeable and walked us though the whole house pointing out everything we should know prior to our actual walk-through. 

The fixes consisted of a few split boards and beams that were "not plumb".  See, I'm learning the construction lingo. ;)

Here are some pictures from the walk-through.

Front Exterior (and Matt and our construction supervisor)


Master Bedroom

Upstairs view from the laundry room, guest room to the left and the nursery to the right.

Kitchen, Family Room and Office

Snapping a picture of the foyer from the family room with the office behind me.

Next step is the drywall installation!

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