Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New House Progress

Mila has been fighting naps at home so on New Year's Day we decided to put her in the car to get her to sleep and figured since we'd be burning gas anyway we should drive over to the house to take a look.  We were very excited to see the progress!

Front Exterior

Rear Exterior 

View from Foyer


Family Room

Kitchen and Family Room

Family Room and Kitchen (reverse view)

Master Bedroom



Dining Room and Living Room

Guest Room, Retreat and Master Bedroom

We walked in to find all the drywall completed!  I would have posted pictures of the basement but there was very little light down there.  This was the first time I really pictured us living there and even practiced my walk from the master bedroom to Mila's room (since I'll be doing it in the dark of night).  Now I am just itching to move in!

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