Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting Stoned

This is not a big update post, the house looks pretty much the same from the front as our last visit.  I think the drywall process took a longer than anticipated period of time due to our record cold temperatures so not as much progress was made inside as we had hoped.  

There has been some progress, our stone fireplace is almost complete!  Way back when we had our design studio appointment we had to select the style and color of the fireplace stone.  We decided to upgrade to a "stacked stone" as opposed to the standard stone look.
The stone below the brick are a couple examples of their standard stone.

The brick on the design studio fireplace below is stacked stone.  We had to choose from the three different color palates to the left. They are all so incredibly similar.  The name of our stone is "Dominion Drystack" (the stones at the top left) and I really think we chose it because it had "Dominion" in the title which was a shout out to Virginia in our minds.

Here is our fireplace now.  As you can see, the Dominion Drystack we chose has more eggplant color tones which we thought was unique.  I've attached two pictures because the colors look so different in each one (all I had on me was my iPhone).  An accurate representation is somewhere between the two photos.


This was our first experience seeing our design elements inside the actual house.  It is very exciting but very daunting at the same time.  I keep wondering "Did we choose the right style stone? The right color? Is there too much light brown? Is there too much eggplant?"  Once we have furniture and paint on the walls I know it can look completely different from how it looks today but I love it because it is our fireplace in our first house and we designed it together.

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Levi Brandriss said...

Gorgeous fireplace! And that title is the definition of link bait! Hahaha

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