Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Design Studio

Last past week Matt and I had the most intense decision making exercise we've ever faced... The Design Studio.  We had to finalize every finish in our house on Tuesday.  Every cabinet, floor, piece of molding, plumbing, lighting, tile, etc. had to be selected prior to ground breaking and let me tell you, it was the most overwhelming process I've ever faced when it comes to home design.  I found it incredibly hard to choose how a bathroom, kitchen, etc. will look before you even get a shell of the room up and can only see a small sample of the products.  Matt and I have always been the type to lean towards more neutral and timeless finishes so we did the same with the house.  We prefer to dress a space with accents of color instead of being wed to color in permanent fixtures.

Here is a small sample of their design studio (all pictures from Van Metre's website).

After we left I had a much better image in my head of what the house will look like once complete which is exciting.  I think the hardest decision was the exterior brick, roof, door and shutter color selection.  I know that if for some reason I absolutely hate the way a certain tile or lighting fixture looks I can have it replaced, but the exterior seems very very permenent.  That said, I think it is something I am the most excited about because now when I close my eyes I can imagine what the house will look like from the street.

For anyone building I think my best piece of advice is to Google image search and look on Houzz for all the fixtures, tiles, flooring, etc. so you can see them in a whole room instead of just a sample.

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