Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Pre-Construction Meeting

Last week we had our pre-construction meeting with the construction supervisor.  It was a great opportunity to sit down with the actual person who will be on the job with our house day after day and ask any lingering questions we had.  The meeting went really well and although C (that's what I'll call our construction supervisor, you know, to protect the innocent) can't give us any hard dates he did give us some ball park numbers.  I won't state any here, but I will say the date of closing was a big surprise, almost 2 months sooner than we had anticipated!  Of course there can be delays but C doesn't miss deadlines since his bonus is tied to delivery of the house.  Gulp!  Needless to say I've been starting to purge and pack!  A nice surprise was when C told us our foundation would be in hopefully by the weekend but no later than Monday, depending on rain. Well, it didn't rain and when we brought my in-laws to see the lot on Saturday we were happy to see the beginnings of our new home!

Matt & his Dad checking out the progress.

First family picture in front of our house.  True to form, Mila was not impressed. 
(I swear I had her wear socks but she yanked them off in the car, 
and it was warmer than it looks, just windy.)

Seeing the foundation in place has really hit home for me and now I can really start to envision our life in our new house!  I can't wait!

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