Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Biggest Project to Date

As if Mila's first birthday was not special enough, on September 13th Matt and I signed a contract to build our dream home! 

When we began our house hunt our hardest decision was whether or not to stay in Montgomery County, MD or to move just south of the Potomac River to Loudoun County, VA. 

And the winner was....  Virginia

As someone who said I would never live farther south than Maryland I guess I now have to eat my words, my native Virginian husband is thrilled. ;) I definitely plan to use the blog as a place to document our home building journey as well as a platform to share our progress with our friends and family near and far so stay tuned!

We are completely ecstatic to build the house Mila will grow up in and regard as her home.  So yes, it is definitely our biggest project to date. :)

1 comment:

Holly said...

wow, Congrats Brock's!!

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