Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mila's Birth Story Part III

*** Let me say upfront that I think Dr. S. is a fantastic OB/GYN and is very well known and well respected in the DC Metro area.  He just didn't have the bedside manner I, as a very high maintenance first time mother, needed.***

We anxiously awaited Dr. S's arrival in our exam room to perform our version consultation, I was now 36 weeks along.  I thought it would go something like this:

Dr. S.: Yes, the baby is still breech.  The manual versions are about 50% effective and we'll perform it when you are 39 weeks at the hospital.  If it works we'll induce, unless your body spontaneously begins to labor from the version, if it doesn't work we'll do a C-section.  

Me: Okay.

Dr. S.: Do you have any questions? No? Have a good day.

It actually went like this:

Dr. S.:  Yes, the baby is still breech.  Hmmm.  Are you drinking plenty of water?

Me:  Yes.  Most definitely yes.  I'm never dehydrated.  I always have water with me.  I've always drank plenty of water, even before I was pregnant.  Why?

Dr. S.:  Well, you must not.  You have a low amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby.  We won't be able to do a version and this baby will not flip on his/her own. 

Me:  Wait, what? But I drink plenty of water.

Dr. S.:  How much?  In ounces.

Me: Ummm, ahh, my cup is a reusable venti iced cup from Starbucks.

Dr. S.: How many ounces is that?

Me: Ummm, ahh, Matt? How many is in a venti? Umm, [now trying to do the math of how many ounces are in my cup multiplied by the number of trips I  make to the kitchen to refill it all under the pressure of a doctor basically saying I didn't take care of my unborn child's temporary residence], my pee is always clear!

Yeah, I can really think on my feet.

He proceeded to tell me the normal range for amniotic fluid index, or AFI, is between 8-22 and I was at 9.5.  In my mind that means I am in the normal range, I mean it is a range for a reason.  After I realized this number wasn't low enough to worry about the baby's well being I was dejected.  He was telling me all my efforts were for nothing.  He wanted me to have the midwives measure my AFI every Monday until I delivered (9.5 is the lowest it ever was, it went up every week following).

The only positive news that came from this appointment was that he was comfortable allowing me to go into labor naturally instead of scheduling my C-section so the baby could decide when it was time to make an appearance.  Of course I would still need to schedule one in case I didn't go into labor prior to 42 weeks.

I left the appointment heartbroken.  This was my final chance of hoping for a natural birth.  That chance was now gone.  I've wondered a million times over if I would have rather gone in for a natural birth only to end up having a C-section due to failure to progress, etc.  I think it would have been easier to accept because when you're told in the hospital, "This isn't working, we're going to have to do a C-section" there is no iPhone, iPad or computer in your hand with Google at the ready, there are not 21 more sleepless nights to worry through, there's no time to think, you just have the procedure.

For the next two weeks I stayed the course and kept my acupuncture/moxibustion and chiropractor appointments on the off chance they could help.  Leaving Frederick one day during my 38th week I received a call asking to schedule my C-section.  I picked a date in my 42nd week and I hated it.  I didn't want to pick my baby's birthday, but it was scheduled.  A little over 24 hours later it would have to be cancelled...

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