Monday, March 4, 2013

Mila's Birth Story Part II

*** Let me begin with clarifying that I fully understand how lucky we are that Mila was not a high risk pregnancy nor was she ever in danger or unhealthy. I know that many parents are not as lucky.  We are blessed.  This is just a diary of my experience and my emotions as my due date approached.***

My biggest fear was confirmed, Mila was breech.  Her head was up under my right rib cage and her feet under my left, this is called "frank breech".  Through my tears I heard Karen tell me there were ways to get the baby to flip, that 34 weeks is still early, yada yada and she handed me a sheet with tips on how to flip a breech baby.  Matt took the tip sheet, Karen left the room and I broke down.

After I collected myself we left and I headed home (it was my telework day) to research what I could do to make Mila flip.  I started doing everything on the tip sheet, which looked very similar to this list, and scheduled a Webster's Technique chiropractor appointment, an acupuncture/moxibustion appointment and a version consultation for 36 weeks with a doctor in my midwives' group. 

I started my chiropractor appointments that week and continued to go twice a week.  My chiropractor was wonderful and came highly recommended by numerous people including my midwives, she had a nearly perfect success rate with flipping babies. 

My acupuncturist also came highly recommended and I drove out to Frederick twice a week to see him.  Matt performed my moxibustion nightly at home on days I didn't get acupuncture.  I did just about everything on the tip sheet regularly and even swam twice a week at my gym, as this is also said to help.  I held out hope that one of these techniques would get Mila to flip since we were aggressive with our "treatments" and it was still relatively early, most breech babies flip prior to week 40.  But I just knew in my heart she wasn't turning.

Ready for my first acupuncture/moxibustion session

Moxibustion on the deck
(good thing is was summertime)

* Wow, I didn't think my feet were very swollen during pregnancy until I looked at this picture!*
Our last hope would be the manual version.  At my midwives' group the doctors will not perform a version until 39 weeks and you are checked into the hospital.  That way if it works, they induce you (or you may spontaneously go into labor), if it doesn't work they perform a C-section.  I was bummed to hear this because many doctors perform the version at 37 weeks when the baby is still a bit smaller and you can then go into labor naturally if it is successful.  Not that any of this would matter.  Two weeks later we met with Dr. S. for our consultation...

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