Monday, February 25, 2013

Mila's Birth Story Part I

I'm sure many of you have no interest in Mila's birth story but since I use this blog as a type of diary I am going to include it here.  Many people have reminded me to write this out as soon as possible since the details will become blurry as time goes on and I don't want to forget anything.  That said, I started this draft back in September and haven't revisited it until now.  I really don't know why.  Was I busy in that time? Yes, but there were plenty of opportunities to sit down and type this out.  I think the real reason is I was enjoying being in the moment during my maternity leave and didn't really want to think about the details of Mila's birth.  Not that it wasn't the best day of my life, it surely was, but my mind was just too tired to process it all over again.  Will I finally finish it all this week? This month? Who knows.  All I know is I have Part I done...

Mila's birth story really begins when I was 34 weeks pregnant.

At my 34 week midwives appointment we found out the baby (who we now know as Mila but at the time we didn't know if it was a girl or boy) was breech.  It was one of my biggest fears throughout pregnancy.  Matt and I decided to take Bradley Method classes (our instructor was the fabulous Klaire Marino) and really loved the idea of trying for a natural childbirth.  Of course I know when you're in actual labor things change and you may be screaming for meds but we studied and were as prepared as possible to get through it naturally.  We were really looking forward to it and I was excited as I knew it would bring us even closer as a couple to accomplish a natural childbirth.

In this day and age finding our your baby is breech is a one way ticket for the C-section express.  Unless you find the rare OB that will deliver breech you have no choice.  All our dreams of a natural childbirth were squashed in exchange for the least natural of all ways to bring your baby into this world.  I should also explain the reason we didn't know until 34 weeks that Mila was breech is the midwives only pull out the sonogram when necessary so prior to 34 weeks the last sonogram was at 20 weeks which is way to early to start worrying about position.

I should start the story with the 34 week appointment.  We presented our birth plan to one of our midwives, Karen, who said everything looked great... except our requests regarding C-section, if necessary.  I requested skin to skin in the OR as they would be stitching me up, that was a no.  I requested Matt to be with me at all times, that was a no during surgery prep.  I started to get upset when Karen told me not to worry as a C-section was only "if necessary" and I was looking great and there would hopefully be no reason for one.  My intuition was on, for some reason right there I knew Mila's birth would be a C-section.  Matt says I was being negative, I wasn't, I just had a feeling.

Karen continued with my appointment and felt my stomach to check the position of the baby.  As she was pushing and squeezing I knew I was right.  "I'm not sure if this is a head or a really bony butt," she said as she felt my lower pelvis.  Let's do a sonogram to confirm...

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