Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple DVD Organization

In the overhaul of our loft space due to the musical rooms we're playing with Baby B on the way, I discovered that we had a ridiculous amount of DVDs and VHS tapes.

The VHS tapes were easy to organize, they were placed in an empty box and dropped off at Salvation Army.

The DVDs I had a harder time parting with.  I pulled out a number of movies I knew I wouldn't miss and donated them to Salvation Army, but I was still left with four baskets of plastic cases.

Please, no judging my DVD collection.  Blue Crush is a riveting film.

I used this disorganization as an excuse to peruse Target for some organizational ideas.  I came across a set of three "leather" binders in the back corner of the electronics section.  Unfortunately I can't find it online so I can't link it.  I believe it cost about $25.

I started by narrowing my collection down even further to the amount of open spots in the binders and began alphabetizing.

I then pulled apart the cases and trimmed the cover insert to fit in the clear sleeve and placed the DVD behind it.

Four baskets down to three binders? Much better!

It is chores like this that make me very happy all of our music, movies, etc. are now digital!

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