Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Outer Banks Taste of the Beach

This year we again headed down to our beloved Outer Banks for their Taste of the Beach event which is always held around my birthday.  We purchased some of the event tickets prior to our big surprise in January so I had to pawn off all my alcohol on others (turns out this is a very easy thing to do).  We were also excited to use the opportunity to play around with our new camera.

Matt with the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse at the Manteo Waterfront


Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

Sunrise in Kill Devil Hills

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Pea Island

My new car is finally complete with my OBX sticker.  Well almost complete, they were sold out of my favorite 12 South sticker.

Taste of the Beach 2012

Our first event was Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe's Shrimp Extravaganza.

Our main event was the Brewmaster Reserve Dinner at the Outer Banks Brewing Station.  The Brew Station is one of our favorite places to eat while at the OBX and many times will stop by more than once.  This is due to not only their awesome, brewed on location, beers but their fantastic menu by Chef Pok.  We jumped on the opportunity to have some items specially designed for this event.  According to Matt the beers went really well with the meal.  They smelled pretty good, that's the entirety of my beer review.  The food was, as usual, fantastic.

Sorry for the iPhone quality photos.

(stupid me, I forgot to take a picture of the inside)

Cheddar Soup with Olsch

Fried Oysters with Lost Kilt Scotch Ale

Halibut with Lemon Grass Wheat Ale

Flank Steak with Mad Raven Double Black IPA
(picture of Matt's steak, mine was well done to the point of beef jerky)


Chocolate Strawberry Apertif with Vitis Reductus Sour Ale

Cake with Sledgehammer and Tongs

Next up was my annual birthday tradition - 
what I call Chocolate Peanut Butter Monkey pancakes from Stack 'em High.  This pregnant lady finished them with no regrets and didn't even feel full, a first for me.

Our next event was the Coffee Brewing Techniques at Front Porch Cafe.  We procure our morning coffee daily at their Kill Devil Hills location so we were excited to learn about the different brewing techniques.

Chemex Method
(You Friends fans out there may recognize this method)

French Press Method

Siphon or Vacuum Method

Bunn Trifecta
(similar to the Starbucks Clover)

Kill Devil Coffee Roaster

Every year Kelly's Restaurant sponsors a St. Patrick's Day parade on the beach road.  It is always held on the Sunday afternoon after the holiday and it happens to fall during Taste of the Beach so we decided to check it out.  This is the only picture I took but it was a good time and we'll be ready next year since we hit up the K-mart 50% off St. Patrick's Day display the next morning.

We also attended the Grand Finale Tasting at Pamlico Jack's.  It was overwhelmingly delicious.  The amount of talent is all on display in one restaurant as you walk around sampling an entree or two from each vendor as well as desserts.  It was amazing.  Our hands (and bellies) were too full to take pictures.

We're so looking forward to next year's Taste of the Beach events so we can again hit up some of our favorite beer and wine tastings similar to last year.  I hope Baby Brock's grandparents are free to babysit! ;)


Holly said...

wow, this trip looked amazing. Pictures look amazing as well.

Lauren B. said...

So informative with all the yummy details and great photos, and OMG! All the food looked so delicious, now I'm heading to the kitchen to make dinner.

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