Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Best Project Yet!

How is that for a teaser title? 

I recently had a craving to make a chalkboard for the condo so I drove (well Matt drove and waited in the car while I ran in) to the local Salvation Army and Goodwill a few weeks ago to see if they had any good frames that I could transform.  Luckily I found this beauty at Goodwill.

Real wood, one small imperfection in the frame, carved detail... $7.96? I'll take it!

At first I was a bit intimidated by the intricate cut outs on the frame since I would be repainting by hand and it isn't quite spray paint season here in the DC Metro but I figured worse came to worse I could always touch it up once the temperature decided to cooperate.

I gave the frame and glass a good wipe down with some soapy water, let it dry and applied a small amount of wood filler in a small dent.  Once the filler dried I sanded it lightly and primed the frame using my favorite primer and a small sponge brush (to get in all the crevices).  I probably only needed one coat of primer but due to my coverage fears I did two following the appropriate drying times mentioned on the label (I think it was 45 minutes).

I forgot to take a picture of the dent but if you look closely at the top left corner you can see the wood filler.

My favorite primer.

While my primer was drying I started in on the chalkboard part of the project.  According to the manufacturer you can use the chalkboard paint right on glass without primer so I applied two coats using a foam roller. 

Tip: If/when I do this again I may use a thin coat of primer since I did notice the paint wasn't quite sticking to one section of the glass as well as I would have liked.  I applied a few thick rolls over such section but something to keep in mind.

One coat of chalkboard paint (you can see in this picture the sides are the problem areas) and two coats of primer.
(I spy with my little eye a meerkat peeking in my slider door.)

Once the second coat of primer was dry I started with my paint.  I used two coats of a white semi-gloss I had on hand.

Once I waited the 3 days(!) for the chalkboard paint to fully cure I carefully lifted the glass when I heard a "snap!".  A small piece of the mirror was painted to the scrap wood holding it above the drop cloth and when I lifted the mirror it broke off.  My heart broke!  Luckily it was just a small corner, nothing a few faux flowers can't fix.

I attached a few orchids with a scrapbooking glue dot just to make sure I liked the placement before committing to the glue gun.  Maybe I'll just leave it as a glue dot so I can change out the flowers according to my mood.  Ooh, I'm so crazy like that.

So why was this my best project yet?  Well it is not so much the chalkboard itself as the reason for the chalkboard...

I'm Pregnant!

We also upgraded to a Nikon 8100 camera so we'll have plenty of time to get used to the settings by the time the baby arrives.  The above picture is our first try with it, it is pretty cool but a bit intimidating.

Sorry for the small writing on the chalkboard.  I'll do better next time.  Here is a closeup.

Yes, after quite a journey Matt and I are expecting our first child sometime in September.  We wanted a fun way to document the weekly pictures and were inspired by this pin so stay tuned for updates!

We are so excited, thankful to be so blessed and are ready for this next chapter in our lives!

P.S. This should also explain why the Daily Dinner posts disappeared.  We found out shortly after the first one and my nausea kicked in right away so dinners haven't been as exciting lately.  I'll try to bring it back again.


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Yeah! So very exciting, I'm so happy for you and Matt!

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