Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Storage Solution

This may be the most obvious storage solution ever but I just stumbled upon it and It.Is.Amazing.  One of our hall closets is dedicated to cleaning, repair, painting, etc. items since we don't have a garage.  There were a million bottles shoved into each shelf and since I have neglected this closet for 5 years now and have  not yet installed some sort of light it was very hard to find the exact bottle I was looking for at any given time.  I picked up this Over the Door Shoe Organizer at Bed, Bath & Beyond (20% coupon in hand).

(forgive the horrible closet pictures, it was a very awkward angle)



This happened to work perfectly for me since most of the items I was looking to organize were bottle shaped items.  Now I can see what I need in the fraction of the time.  The only tweaks I will eventually need to make is to somehow attach the bottom of the organizer to the door so it doesn't "bang!" every time the door is opened or closed.  I'm thinking 3M Command Strips because they are basically the answer to everything.  And finally I don't love the four silver hooks that show over the top of the door when it is closed.  I've contemplated attaching the organizer with 3M Command Strips with hooks but since the shoe organizer has some weight to it I'm afraid to try (although they haven't let me down so far).  Worse comes to worse I'll probably just spray paint the hooks white (once spray painting weather hits the DC area).  Is it spring yet???

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Anonymous said...

I realize this post is more than 6 months old, but if you haven't found a solution to getting rid of those over the door hooks - try screwing cup hooks along the upper portion of the door. I did this in my closet, so I could use the shoe pockets flat against the wall. Even with the weight of the shoes, the cup hooks hold well.

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