Sunday, January 15, 2012

Front Door Facelift

Sometimes small changes can make a big impact in a space.  We live in a condo and due to our homeowners association I am not allowed to paint the exterior of the front door but there's no rule against painting the interior!  

Our entry way is a small narrow foyer with 3 doors at the entrance (coat closet, entrance and storage closet).  That is a lot of white doors in a small area.  I've been planning to update our foyer for a long time since it sports a red accent wall the previous owners painted.  I don't have anything against red but I feel this small space with its lack of natural light needs to be lightened up a bit. While I'm still debating my final wall color I knew I wanted the back of the entrance door to be black.  I know, I know... 

Q:  Natalie, since when is painting something black lightening up a space?
A:  Since never.

Although I haven't decided on a wall color I know I want the end of the hallway to pop once I paint the rest of the walls a lighter color.  Black interior doors seem to be all the rage currently in home decor.  I was so inspired by Emily's beautiful transformation at A Well Dressed Home as well as Grayson Manor from ABC's Revenge (please tell me you're watching,

I started researching door paint and stumbled across Glidden's new Trim and Door paint.  Glidden claims that due to the paint's thick consistency it will not drip nor leave any brush marks.  Since it was only $20 at Home Depot I figured I would give it a shot.

I'm no professional painter by any means but my door does have some slight brush marks, I used a high quality Purdy brush, but it did live up to its promise to eliminate drips.  I had to use 2 coats to totally cover all the white from showing through but overall I'm happy with the results.  


And yes, I did this project a while ago as you can tell from harvest wreath on the closet.  I had to move it off the front door, I don't usually hang wreaths on closets.

It is difficult to photograph this entry due to the lack of natural light so I apologize for the camera flash although it does show the high gloss finish of the paint.

Overall I really like the end result.  Since I'm a perfectionist I can point out each little area that has mistakes but I'm willing to bet I'm the only person who would notice (isn't that how it always is as homeowner?).

Oh and I'm sure it's obvious but Glidden didn't pay me to review their paint, I just like to pass along my experience with new products in the hopes that it may help someone else.

Anyone else have an urge to paint their interior doors black?

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Holly said...

good job. Although it makes me mad that I just painted my door without even thinking about using actual door paint. Ugh. Ah well... I will need to come back to your cord blog copy your techniques.

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