Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cords Cords Everywhere

I hate cords!  In a technology overload kind of world cords are everywhere.  Especially since Matt and I are gadget addicts.  I always have been, I believe it is something that happens at a young age.  Either you like gadgets or you don't.  My gateway gadget may have been my original Nintendo Game Boy.  I can still visualize playing Super Mario in my Mom's Toyota Tercel on our 12 hour drive from Connecticut to the Outer Banks.


Anyway, back to cords.  They drive me nuts and I finally came across what may be the best item for corralling them: Mounting Bases and Cable Ties. 

You can purchase these at any home improvement store, they come in black and white and most importantly are cheap.  The mounting bases have a sticky on the back so you can attach them to walls, furniture, etc. to keep your cords running down a table leg, etc.  Here is my best tip.  Do not attach the mounting base sticky directly to your wall, furniture, etc.  Peal the paper backing off and attach a 3M Command Strip (after you remove the paper, so sticky to sticky) then place the mounting base where you would like but you are actually attaching it via the Command Strip.  This way you can remove it in the future without damage.  I didn't take any pictures of this step but I'm sure you get it.


Many people asked for a picture of this step so here is what I was describing above.  You can see the Command Strip underneath the mounting base.

Here are some of my most recent cord wrangling areas:

Our side table in the living room only had one cord from the lamp but it drove me nuts (please ignore Matt's laptop on the left, that is not a permanent cord so I didn't wrangle it).

See the silver cord hanging straight down the middle of the table?

I moved the cord along the top lip of the table and down the left leg to the outlet. 
(Mmmm, Starbucks iced coffee)

Here is our TV component stand after Matt installed our Sling Box.  The Sling Box rocks but the amount of cords you need to connect it should automatically license you in electrical work. The stand has the daunting task of holding our Wii, Blu-Ray, Sling Box, Sling Box Amplifier, Cable Box and Bose iPod Speaker.  This picture makes my heart palpitate even to this day, and not in a good way.

Cords hanging and looped everywhere.

The back of the unit, as organized as a bowl of spaghetti.

Sigh of relief.


This is our dresser in our bedroom which holds our TV, DVD player and cable box.  It is also flanked by two floor lamps so we had our fill of cords.  I forgot to take a before picture from the front but it drove me nuts because you could see the surge strip and all the cords below the dresser.

Raise your hand if you hate coax cable. *raises hand*

Admittedly this picture doesn't look like much of a difference but notice there are no more cords on the floor.  I attached the surge strip to the back of the dresser with screws.  I contemplated using Command Strips but I was afraid it was too heavy.

From the front, the only thing you can see now are the two lamp cords.  I didn't hang them higher yet because I'm not quite sure they'll stay around for long.

Side note: I do believe that 3M Command Strips can fix just about any household problem.  Even if they have to be used in conjunction with mounting bases, etc.

Do you have any areas in your home that need a little cord wrangling?

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