Thursday, January 19, 2012

1.19.11 Daily Dinner

Since I (try) to cook a new dinner every week night, well Monday - Thursday because on Friday I'm a rotisserie chicken and roasted vegetable kind of gal, I thought I would share the recipes here along with what we thought of the meal.  All of the recipes I make are mostly found online from magazines, blogs, etc.  Click on the title to see the recipe.

So without further ado our first entry into the ring...

Civilized Caveman Cooking

Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed this meal.  The recipe is easy to prepare and has only a few ingredients which is a win in my book.  I plated our burgers on a bed of organic baby greens and served alongside roasted sweet potatoes and topped with some leftover pesto.  Whenever I have any type of burger I love to have sweet potatoes as well (to take my mind off the M.I.A french fries). 

Burger, fried egg, roasted sweet potatoes, what's not to love?


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