Saturday, August 27, 2011

Creating a Standing Desk

Standing desks seem to be all the rage these days (you can read about the positive effects of getting off your butt here) but they can be extremely expensive to purchase one.  Matt has been using a faux standing desk for a few weeks (by faux I mean stacking reams of paper on his desk and putting his keyboard on top) and decided he wanted a more permanent solution, on the cheap.  Enter Natalie and Lowe's!  

We found an inexpensive closet shoe organizer and after comparing measurements decided it was the perfect height to place on top of his desk.  Unfortunately the only colors available were white and oak, neither of which were a match for his espresso colored desk.   


I applied one coat of my favorite BIN primer and then two coats of paint.  A perfect match to his desk!

Here it is in action.  The shoe organizer worked out even better than we had hoped because it already has a built in shelf for paper, books, etc.

Oh, my payment for all my hard work was a new tool box!  I know I'm getting old when that type of payment excites me but I have had my tools in 3 separate bags for years.

Isn't she pretty?  Yes, my toolbox is a she (pay no attention to the masculine name of Stanley on the front).

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I was thinking about putting a shelf on one of my walls for a standing desk but THIS is BRILLIANT! HELP! <3

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