Thursday, July 14, 2011


Since Matt is now the president of his Rotary club in Potomac, the club graciously offered to send us to the Rotary International conference in New Orleans for 5 days.  Neither of us have ever been to Nola so we don't have a base of reference for how it is now as compared to before Katrina but I can tell you that we had an incredibly memorable time and I would love to go back again.  The people were warm and welcoming and the food was out of this world.

Here are some pictures from inside the conference center.

Out of all the vendors of course Matt would find the golf related one.

I'm a sucker for cheesy photo opportunities.


Waiting for the shuttle.

Inside the Opening Plenary Session

Bill Gates speaking about Polio.

 When we weren't at the conference we were able to explore New Orleans.

Our Hotel

Our hotel was right  next door to Mother's so we stopped in for lunch.

Debris & Baked Ham Po' Boys with a side of red beans and rice

The Saturday we arrived was the last day of American Craft Beer Week so Matt did a little research and found The Avenue Pub was doing a finale tasting.  This was such an awesome place for craft beers! (Holly & Drew you HAVE to check this place out!)

Hard to see, but they had Rogue Captain Sig's Northwestern Deadliest Ale.  Even when in New Orleans I can't get away from work! ;)

Very cool stairwell, did I mention the pub was 3 floors?

Sunday Night we headed to Bourbon Street to have dinner at Bourbon House.

They are known for their oysters and shucked them right in front of you at the bar.  They were huge!

Inside the dining room.

Guess what this appetizer is... Crystal Alligator!  It tasted just like a fancy General Tso's chicken.

Only on appetizers and already stuffed.

Pan Roasted Pork Brisket

New Roads Pecan Pie

On our walk back to the hotel.

When in Nola, one must visit Cafe Du Monde.  The chicory coffee and beignets were delicious and I still picture the six of them I ate over two days when in spin class for inspiration.

Our walk down Decatur Street on the way to Cafe Du Monde Monday morning.

In line to sit down.


P.S. Bad idea to wear a black shirt to Cafe Du Monde.

I bought a Frozen Cafe Au Lait for the walk back.  
It tasted like the world's best Frappuccino.

The walk back to the hotel.

Did I mention it was super hot and it was only 8:00 AM?  Shiny much?

To celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary from earlier in the week, we decided to have lunch at Commander's Palace in the Garden District.  Here's a tip, they have 25 cent martinis with lunch!

Apricot Fizz

Shrimp Appetizer



That night we finally hit up Bourbon Street.

Hand Grenades at the Funky Pirate

 Pat O'Brien's courtyard

Random Bourbon Street shots

Tuesday we had lunch at the Gumbo Shop

Although we ate some incredible food in New Orleans, I have to say, Emeril's was the best in my book.  This is where we had our last supper.

Matt's Cowboy Steak

My "Mac & Cheese"

Banana Cream Pie

Stuffed like pigs but happy post dinner at Emeril's. 

We had a wonderful time in Nola and truly hope to go back again someday to hit up the restaurants we missed this time around.  If you like to eat and drink I highly recommend a visit!

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Holly said...

This looks like a perfect trip! I'm excited for October....craft beers, oysters, and .25 martini's??!? YUM!!

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