Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Matt and I spent this Easter weekend (as we have many Easter weekends) at my Aunt & Uncle's house outside of Philly.  It was a great weekend filled with lots of food, drinks and laughter.  

Best looking haul from Target in a long time.

Gram making my favorite, peanut butter banana.

The party is getting started 
(note the Jell-O shot in Gram's hand).

The boys on their phones.

Getting ready to dye eggs!
Oh and our family is fond of rainbows. ;)

Grady getting his hands dirty.


Have enough drinks over there Matt?

Oops, the bunny had an accident!

Me & Maggie and our Tiny Martinis!

Johnny and Aunt Cappy

Grady reenacting a famous picture of himself.

Never too old for Easter crafts!

Easter morning

Mimosas for all.

Yuengling for Grady.

Uncle Ed's coconut cake.


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