Sunday, February 6, 2011

New All-Clad Makes Me Happy

Hi, my name is Natalie and I'm addicted to All-Clad cookware.  

My addiction began a few years ago upon creating my wedding registry and continues to this day (as I'm sure it will for the rest of my life).  Every time I receive a new piece of All-Clad cookware I display it on my stove for a few days before I put it away just so I can admire it.  No really, I do, ask my husband.  So where am I going with this?  Well the good people at CSN Stores offered me $35 to do a review of any product from one of their 200+ online stores.  Guess what they happen to sell...

I narrowed down my choice to the 1 quart saucier pan.  It usually starts around $80 at various online stores but it was only $53.99 on CSN Stores and shipping was FREE! Anyone who has held an All-Clad in their hands knows the shipping can be cost prohibitive due to the weight so I was thrilled to have the shipping included.  Yes folks, I walked away closed my laptop spending all of $18 for this beauty.

CSN Stores was super easy to order from, had a TON of items and my pan was delivered to my door two days later (where it then sat on my stove for three days per the terms of my All-Clad addiction).  Do I really need to say anything about the quality of All-Clad?  Didn't think so.

Thank you CSN Stores for being an enabler (I've been watching a lot of Celebrity Rehab lately, love that Dr. Drew)!

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Holly said...

hahahah. You crack me up.

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