Monday, February 21, 2011

Lamp Make Over

Wow, I did this project so long ago but just haven't posted it until now.  After seeing the gorgeous silver leaf lamp over at Centsational Girl I was inspired.  When visiting my Mom in Connecticut last year I saw this old lamp sitting in her basement just begging for some crafty love.  So this, along with another old brass lamp which is still awaiting it's makeover, accompanied me on I-95 South back to Maryland.



I don't love the lamp shade and I'm not exactly sure where she'll (she's obviously a girl) reside permanently.  For now she is up in my craft area until I can utilize her in the perfect location.  You can tell it was Christmas time when I took this after shot from the lights on the railing.  And in the spirit of full disclosure, I started and completed the lamp last April.  Yes, almost a year ago, I'm a bad blogger. :(

Warning:  This project is not quick and easy, at least not for me but I am very impatient.  It can be extremely frustrating at times since the silver leaf is SUPER delicate but you can do a bit at a time here and there and it will be done in no time.  Luckily it doesn't show mistakes since the silver leaf is so, well, leafy.  And if I had to do it again I would have started with a more basic lamp base, one with less curves and angles but in the end I am really happy with the outcome. 

Close up of the bottom half

Top half

As my friend Megan pointed out to me, I love all things shiny and sparkly... like a bird... so this lamp is right up my alley!

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Anonymous said...

Another way to make things silvery is to use aluminum powder, available at craft stores, I think. We use that instead of silver leaf because it goes on more easily and doesn't tarnish. What are you using for the size? We always use water-based. Have fun!

Remember you can always come down here for a myriad of craft experiences. Jon and your dad are toying with the idea of a visit---maybe you could all come down at the same time.

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