Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Matt and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day this year on Saturday so we could spend the full day together.  Since Matt started his own business he works a LOT from home on nights and weekends so I made one rule for our Valentine's Day Observed and informed him days in advance... No Computers.

We planned a full day, went to Montgomery Country Club for breakfast (for my favorite chocolate chip pancakes), the Montgomery County Home Show (so lame I didn't take a single picture to share), The Tile Shop (we're planning a big bathroom project, stay tuned), lunch at Dogfish Head Alehouse (order the Midas Touch) and an awesome (if I do say so myself) homemade dinner by moi.

In case you are interested, I made the following three dishes and let me tell you, they were some of the best recipes EVER!  Very easy and very impressive!

Tagliarelle with Truffle Butter

Steakhouse Steaks

Brownie Pudding (I used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Powder)

The troops are ready.  Remember my love of All-Clad...

The Pasta Course

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the Brownie Pudding because I was too preoccupied by shoving as much of it in my mouth as possible.  Seriously, it is that good.

But let me go back, I woke up Saturday morning all excited for the day ahead, walked to the kitchen to feed Peanut, walked back to the bedroom to shower but realized I needed something from Matt's bathroom so I headed back out through the living room when something grabbed my eye...

At first I thought "how sweet, Matt left me Valentine's Day cards on my computer".  Then I looked closer... 

When I went to bed on Friday night (and every night for the last 6 years) my Mac was white this one was silver...  



Matt got me a new MacBook Pro for my Valentine's gift!  The sneaky guy swapped out the laptops the night before when I was in bed.  So that explains why my weekly post is a bit delayed this week.  You see, immediately after I wiped the tears of joy from my face, my loving husband reminded me of my only rule... No Computers on Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

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L0veLindsey said...

Haha so cute! How ironic that you make the rule no computers and he gets you a new one.. love it!

By the way, I'm giving away a really cute ring on my blog.. so check it out if you're interested! : )

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