Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mentioning Unmentionables

I am a very lucky girl for many reasons but one of my daily reminders is my closet.  It's nothing fancy but I love it, it's girly and it's all mine (and Peanut's).  You see, when we bought our condo my husband had a proposition: 

"If I can have half of the loft to set up an office... you can have the WHOLE master bedroom walk-in closet."  

Let me think... SOLD!  Now, before you start picturing Matt folding his clothes in and out of a couple lonely dresser drawers let me assure you, he made out just fine in the deal as well.  He uses two full size closets located in the spare bedroom which are also attached to the second bathroom.*

     *Ladies, when possible, I highly recommend the separate closet/bathroom setup.  Especially if one of you goes to the gym before the sun is up!

Back to the reason for my post.  I decided to move some of my unmentionables (are they still considered "unmentionables" if I not only mentioned them, but if they are the reason for this blog post?) from my dresser into my closet.  Unfortunately the only remaining space was a wire basket drawer which would really put my unmentionables front and center for viewing when the closet door is open.  Since I'm not a Victoria's Secret model with beautifully folded unmentionables this would not be an ideal setup.  


The smaller wire basket belongs to Peanut.  It is full of fresh wee wee pads, collars, sweaters, Snuggie for Dogs, etc.  Yes, I said Snuggie for Dogs.  You can see Peanut modeling her pink version last Christmas here.  It is so cute and it pretty much puts her into a heat induced coma nap so it is perfect for calming her down.  She wears it out a lot for winter trips to the vet.  It is always a hit in the waiting room.

Anyway, back to the basket.  I remembered I had extra pink and white fabric from a past project so I decided to pin it around the basket to make it a little more private.  I didn't have enough to do both baskets so I put some leftover pink satin on Peanut's basket to match (for those of you who don't know me, I have a serious thing for a pink and green combo).  


Nothing fancy, but it does the job.  The best part?  It cost me $0!  What have you used leftover fabric for lately?

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