Sunday, December 5, 2010

Go State, beat Indiana... at FedEx!

If you remember, I mentioned last year that Penn State was coming to Maryland to play Indiana at FedEx field here.  I cannot even begin to describe how exciting it was for me to see my alma mater play at FedEx field!  Matt and I had a great time watching Penn State BEAT Indiana on November 20th, especially since we were in the club level...  On the 50 yard line...  In the 5th row...  In the first 2 seats...  Oh yeah.  If only they were our seats for Redskins games. (Although it may be painful to see the Skins lose play that close.)

The Ticket!

My closet set up for an early morning departure.

Tailgating, we were early, as usual...

But not as early as this PSU tailgate party!  
They had a DJ that we were able to enjoy all morning.

Matt making me breakfast.

Pancakes & Turkey Sausage

Some blue champagne to warm up.

I broke out my old mugs from Beaver Stadium.
(Yes that says 324 victories for JoPa and yes he just celebrated his 400th, you do the math on my age)

Go State!

Lots of Penn Staters and it was Indiana's home game!

Matt and I represented our teams.

Heading to Fed Ex!

In our sweet seats (sweet, not suite). ;)

A sight I never thought I'd see, Penn State painted in the end zone at FedEx!

Closer view

My Lions!

And JoePa! 
(He's in the blue jacket and khakis.)

Loving it!

So happy I converted Matt into a Penn State fan!

And in case you've never seen the club level concourse (I know I was always curious since we sit in the Upper Level for Redskins games) here are some pictures.

Penn State beat Indiana 41-24 and I had a blast!  I haven't been to a Penn State game since I graduated so let's just say it has been a while since I've seen my Lions in person.  Fight on Penn State!

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