Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twine Wrapped Bottles

Another project I decided to tackle for my 30th birthday was to decorate the condo with some twine wrapped wine bottles. I'm sure you've seen these all over the blogs and my Aunt even said it reminded her of the 70s when she used to do this herself. It is extremely easy but a bit tedious at times. A perfect "couch craft" while catching up on the DVR.

Elmer's Glue
Wine Bottle

Start by applying a good size blob of glue to the bottom of the bottle and lay the twine on top. I would let this sit until it was dry and then get to wrapping. Apply some glue every here and there, you'll start to see when it needs it, and depending on the shape of the bottle it may need more or less. Chardonnay bottles tend to need more as the neck gets smaller. That's it! Super easy.

I wrapped three different shaped bottles and displayed them together on my kitchen table. You can even mix different types/styles/color of twine on one bottle. Half way up a champagne bottle I ran out of twine and had to use another one that came from a different store. Unfortunately I don't have a picture but it actually came out looking pretty cool, I call it my Washington Monument bottle (if you don't recall your American History you can click here).

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