Monday, March 8, 2010

Fireplace Touch Up

I have been glaring at our fireplace with disdain for almost 3 years now. Why you ask? Those ugly strips of brass on the doors, that's why! I looked into replacing the doors but they are pretty expensive. One day as I was browsing my favorite blogs I stumbled on the answer! Kate at Centsational Girl posted about the same issues she had with her fireplace doors here. P.S. I LOVE her blog, you must follow her, truly inspirational for home decor!


The tools.

The doors taped off.
Sorry for the reflection of me taking the picture!

Ta da!!!
Sorry for the flash but it was dark by the time I took the "after" picture.

This paint is so super awesome I'm looking for other things to paint it on. Too bad I don't have an old ratty grill that needs a paint job. The only downside is now the original black metal looks dull next to my new spiffy black paint. Guess I'll have to paint that too!


Centsational Girl said...

Gorgeous girl ! Don't you love the transformative power of paint ? And whoever invented high heat paint, I could just kiss them.


Anonymous said...

I hate the brass on my fireplace too! THANK YOU! Off to find bbq paint...

ECramer said...

We had the same problem to but the whole thing was all ugly brass. I dragged it out, taped off the glass, and used the high heat black spray paint and had great results too :) a lot cheaper than a new insert!

Natalie {Where North Met South} said...

Good for you ECramer! I would have been so intimidated by the whole fireplace! Thanks for visiting!

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