Monday, March 8, 2010

Bridal Cookbook

Do you have those projects sitting around for years that you mean to get to but there are always others that get pushed to the front of the line? This project is one of those, although it shouldn't have been because it means so much to me.

For my bridal shower (back in March of 2008) my maid of honor, Lauren, collected favorite recipes from my family and friends so that I could start a book. I've had the recipe cards in the envelope in my closet next to my wedding photos for a couple years now always making a mental note to pick up an album to finally make the book official. I finally found the perfect little book and picked it up right away. It is just a simple fuschia photo album (our wedding colors were fuschia and lime green so of course it had to match) but I love using plastic coverings for my recipes so not to ruin the cards if they get splattered. Look how cute it turned out!

The album before.

My recipes!

My mom's favorite recipe... typical Sue B.

The album even has a spot for notes, so perfect!

All done!

I love having sweet memories such as these in a nice little album to look at anytime I please! Now, which recipe to start with?

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