Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30th Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

Best. Birthday. Ever. I don't know what more I can say. My friends and family came in from CT, PA, VA and DC to celebrate with us in Maryland. It was so much fun! We started the weekend off with dinner at La Tasca in Rockville. Gina even brought me a crown with a 30 on it!

My tres leches cake!
My Chiffon Flower Necklace made it's first public appearance.

Why so sad?

The peach I was saving from my sangria fell on the floor!
As well as the straw I was using to fish it out of the glass.

Cheshire Girls!
Me, Courtney & Gina

On Saturday we drove out to the country to Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard. Oh, did I mention the weather was BEAUTIFUL? It was unseasonably warm for mid-March, sunny and in the upper 70s. I couldn't have ordered more perfect weather! The winery was having a spring celebration with BBQ and live music. The wine was awesome and the food was great. But the best part was the company.

Courtney, Gina and Megan soaking in the sun (and wine).

Ara and Josh soaking in the sun (and BBQ).

Me & Mom

Red & White, why choose one?

An added bonus, you don't need another person to cheers!
Anyone who knows me knows I love to cheers!

Megan, Me, Courtney & Gina

Me & my Mister

Aunt Cappy, Me & Mom

Dead soldiers. The sign of a good day at the winery.

Courtney, Gina & Me back at home re-hydrating after the winery.

My surprise birthday cake from my wonderful husband!
I accidentally broke the corner of the label because I just had to touch it.

The eats!

We hired Aimee Loebs-Davis from Tastings to come to the condo and do a wine tasting. Aimee was awesome! She split us into two teams and we had to guess from a blind tasting what type of varietal a wine was and if it was new world or old world. She was so informative and fun!

Team A
Aunt Cappy, Josh, Courtney & Gina

Team B
Matt, Me, Ara, Mom & Megan

Mom, Peanut & Aunt Cappy

Too much party for a certain Chihuahua.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have had such a wonderful 30th birthday weekend! Thank you to my friends and family who joined us! Let's do it again in another 10 years! ;)

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Holly said...

Fun! My brother got engaged at Sugarloaf (I might have already told you this)

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