Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chiffon Flower Necklace

Another "sitting on the couch watching TV because the amount of snow outside is ridiculous" craft! This time I was inspired by Becca at Blue Cricket Design and attempted my version of her Chiffon Necklace.

I decided to go with a purple theme (the purple blanket under my materials is purely coincidental). You'll need 1/4 yard of Chiffon (this is PLENTY), matching thread, ribbon, felt and 7 decorative beads for the center of your flowers.

I cut my chiffon squares to about 2.25" each. You'll need 6 per flower or 42 total.

Round off the edges to form a circle (it does not need to be perfect).

Fold chiffon circle in half twice to form your petal.

Cut a piece of matching felt to the size of a quarter (you'll need 7 total). Attach the petals to the felt with a simple stitch.

Attach the first 3 petals as shown below.

Then fill in the bare spots with the remaining 3 petals. I noticed my first flower looked a bit weak after the 6th petal so I added another petal and made sure to use this as my largest flower.

All the flowers are ready for their bling! I forgot to take a picture but I attached a small silver and crystal bead to the center of each flower with a hot glue gun. You could also stitch them on but I'm a fan of any excuse to use the gun. ;)

Once the beads are attached to the flowers, attach the flowers to your ribbon with hot glue. You can also trim up your flowers to make sure they are the right size.

Since I'm new at all this craftiness, I cut my ribbon too short and was not able to tie it. No problem! I attached some self stick velcro (with a dot of hot glue just to be sure it didn't fall off) to the ends of the ribbon in two places so I can wear it long or short. Once the ends are stuck together you can't see the velcro and the ribbon simply forms an "X" shape on the back of your neck.

Ta da! Perfect accessory for a plain black tank or shirt.

After this picture I realized my pretty flower bling was hard to see so I simply laid shot glasses upside down on each flower over the bead to "train" the petals to lay down. I don't have an after picture but it worked pretty well.

Thanks Becca for your awesome idea!


Natasha said...

Ooo, that looks so Jcrew! I'm going to have to try this one, good job!

Stephie @ Made By Stephie said...

so pretty!! Thanks for following my blog!!

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