Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

Snow my god... Snowly sh*t... Snow f*cking way... (insert snow pun here)

Wow. That is all I can say about this weekend's snow storm. As a girl who grew up in Connecticut and went to college in Pennsylvania I'm no stranger to snow but this was something I have never seen before. We received 30" of snow in 30 hours. Not to mention the 6" we received 5 days prior and the 6" scheduled for 2 days from now. The DC Metro area has been hit hard this winter. We usually average 20" per year, we passed that with our first major storm of the winter on December 19. I have been extremely spoiled since I've moved to Maryland in 2004. I believe in the past 6 years we've averaged around 10-15" per winter. Nothing. Our county has already cancelled school for tomorrow and Tuesday due to the fact that most back roads have not yet been cleared. Anyway, enjoy some pics from the snow. It was absolutely beautiful and I loved spending quality time with Matt & Peanut but I do hold a bit of a grudge. This snow kept me from a planned trip to Connecticut to celebrate Lauren's 30th birthday. Totally bummed. :( Next time I see you Lauren I owe you a drink (or 6)! ;)

Enjoy our snowy weekend in pictures...

Unfortunately since I planned on being out of town for the weekend (and Brock had big plans of $5 Footlong Subs in his head) we had NO food in our kitchen. So I had to join the masses and run in a panic to the grocery store before it snowed on Friday morning. I arrived at my favorite Safeway in King Farm at 7AM (I was teleworking Friday so I had to be back at home and signed on by 8AM). Shouldn't be a problem. WRONG. When I arrived the parking lot was packed, there were no carts in the store so I had to bombard the cart boy in the parking lot and grab one and the lines were so long you could only enter the aisles from the back of the store (shopping takes a lot longer when you have to enter an aisle at the back, walk all the way down to grab your Triscuits and walk back up to exit at the back... repeat in every aisle). The shelves were extremely lean and the chip aisle was basically non-existent (remember, Superbowl is today). The local grocery stores were receiving extra shipments and I suppose the food was coming and going so quickly they just decided to leave the boxes in the aisles, open, no need to stock the items. But what surprised me the most was when I made my final turn into the produce section...

Really? Potatoes and onions? These are the items that people needed the most? Milk, bread, eggs, these are the items I assume people rush to buy. I guess the good thing is now they can finally clean all those onion skins away. Note the boxes in the background, it was a free for all.

About to unload my groceries. I figured I should take a "before" picture.

This is the left overs of the 6" we received last weekend.

Friday, January 5th, 11AM, it has begun!

View from our living room.
I can't wait until it is warm enough to put the balcony furniture back out.

Let's see what's going on while we are cooped up inside.

Peanut is chasing stink bugs. (See it on the molding?)

"Mom, I have him cornered."
What I failed to catch on film was the part when she walked over to it, pawed it off the wall onto it's back and stood over it until Matt picked it up.

Peanut's reward... popcorn.

Scary radar... we live in the red.

That radar picture convinced us to go outside and check it out.

Next to my Precious (that's the name of my Accord).

Parking lot snow angel!

It is really coming down!

(My teeth are now frozen)

Note the Cheshire Swimming wind pants circa 1995. Perfect for playing in the snow. I only wish I had my Rams parka. I believe my Mom wears it every now and then in CT when it is cold and snowy. Note to self: since I have unknowingly moved to a snowy-er climate than CT, grab that parka next time I'm home.

Big flakes!

Hmmm, they just upped the snowfall potential. That 30" used to be a 20" and that 40" used to be a 30". We live just on the line of the red circle next to DC.
Please note the Montgomery County Parks & Rec will be closing at 5PM (it is 11PM right now) and will be closed Saturday.

Saturday night has passed and we've been told the heaviest snow fell overnight. Time to check out the damage...

Holy cow.

At least the plow came through at some point.

The fire hydrant... I swear. You'll have to take my word.

Our house. Just kidding! Our building. :)

My poor Precious!

For comparison purposes, I am 5'6".

Matt: "This camera isn't working."
Me: "Brock, the camera took the picture."

Brock: "No, I didn't hear it. This damn thing is broken."
Me: "I really think it is working. And my teeth are freezing"

Me: "Let me try to take a picture. I told you it was working."

"Damn you snow, you kept me from Lauren's 30th Birthday celebration!"

Now the search is on for Matt's Toyota 4Runner (don't worry, no accelerator recall, yet).
He can't remember where he parked.

Not over there...

"Is that it, no, it looks like a Nissan Cube."

"Wait, I think it is the 4Runner..."

"We found her!"

Let the unveiling begin!

I've fallen and I can't get up!

Yup, that's our truck. But where are the tires?

Matt taking a break.

"Where should I put the snow that I dig out???"

Our complex.

This is something I will never forget and I'm glad that I was lucky enough to be safe at home with my family and most importantly POWER! I really feel for all those around us who lost power. Especially since this morning when Matt was digging out his truck it was 10 degrees (5 with wind chill)! Thanks Blizzard of 2010, but no need to return for at least another 10 years.



The Ellithorpe Family said...

Yikes! The storm hit Richmond hard, but definitely not that hard! **I have to admit I've been a little spoiled with having Daniel home this winter, though :). It makes having a fussy baby a little easier to handle! Hope you and Matt had fun playing in the snow! Be careful going back to work this week!

Caroline said...

Holy shit! That is soooo much snow! = ) I cannot even imagine. We are lucky if we get an inch of two. But even that's rare. Got to love living in Georgia.

Hope it doesn't hold up life for too long!

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