Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard of 2010 2.0

So it happened again. A second blizzard 4 days later. This storm only dropped 10" so far (I can't believe I'm referring to 10" of snow in Maryland as "only") but the winds are much worse this time around. We're still under a blizzard warning until 9PM and I'm just praying we don't lose power since we've been told the strongest winds are yet to come. All schools are closed through the rest of the week, the federal government is closed for the third day in a row, but the biggest news of all is that Discovery closed the building for the day! I'm pretty certain that has not happened before. What does one do with a true snow day (I checked work email occasionally but didn't have to telework)? Feed my new found craft/sewing addiction (more on that later).

Scary map

You can't really see in this picture but the snow is blowing around a lot.

The snow blew up to our slider door.

Big icicles!

Another snowy day in Gaithersburg.

What do you do on a snow day? Take a nap of course!
(Peanut caught me grabbing the camera.)

This Blue Jay outside our kitchen caught my eye against the white snow.

Poor guy must be cold.

Brock headed out to clean off the cars...again.

It's hard to tell in this picture but that mound of snow is over my head.

It is nice to spend a cozy snow day inside with your loved ones. Although I do fear that Peanut now thinks we work from home permanently and will be very upset when ever we finally get back to work. Oh well, she sleeps 10 of the 12 hours we're working so I'm sure her days alone go by fast.


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