Thursday, February 11, 2010

And Her Name is Betts

Due to the 2, yes 2, blizzards that hit our area within 7 days, Matt & I have been stuck inside for a week. On day 5 of our new shut-in status when the sun came out for a brief moment prior to our next storm hitting Matt turned to me and said "Do you want a sewing machine for Valentine's Day? If so, we can go to Target quick and get one." Now let me explain, this was not totally out of the blue. For a while now I've been mentioning that I would like a basic sewing machine so I can do things like hem pants, fix holes in shirts, etc. (Note: I have not touched a sewing machine since 8th grade when I got an A+ on a fabulous vest, but I figure it would come right back to me.) Before he could grab his wallet I was waiting by the front door with my hat, scarf and boots!

I had been researching sewing machines online and knew the exact model I wanted and, oh happy day, it was on sale this week!

Here she is, and her name is Betts!

For those of you who don't know, Matt & I are BIG Mad Men fans. I absolutely love Betty Draper and all her craziness (when I start getting uppity, Matt calls me Betts). Now, I'm sure Betty wouldn't actually do any sewing herself, she would leave that to her housekeeper Carla, but I didn't want to name my machine Carla. So Betts it is!

I'm not quite sure how it happened but I have become obsessed with craft blogs. I love finding inspiration for easy ways to decorate, turn old clothing into a new wearable item and the super thrifty ideas for refinishing furniture, mirrors, etc.! My craft blog obsession started with an innocent perusal of Samster Mommy. I was hooked! I have many ideas on my craft wish list that came from Natasha. From her site I started jumping around and landed on a sewing project I thought I could actually handle with my "Beginner" status. This scarf on Holy Craft seemed too good to be true! Lucky for me I had a bag of clothes waiting to go to Goodwill so I rummaged through it until I found one of my former favorite long sleeve shirts. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE scarfs and wear them year round. This was right up my alley!

My old, soft Abercrombie long sleeved shirt from college.
Hello old friend.

First I cut all the fabric off the seams and then into cut it down to 4"x4" squares.
Pinned them together corner over corner and went to work.

As this was my first sewing project I used a basic straight stitch. I didn't want to mess up the settings the first time around!

I think it came out super cute!

What an awesome feeling! Now I had the bug. I dug around and found another old favorite shirt of mine.

This one was a birthday gift I received during college from a very good friend of mine.
I loved this shirt, but somewhere along the line I out grew it.
If only I had the body of my former 21-year-old self.

Same routine, cut into 4"x4" squares and pin.
This was a couple days later, still stuck inside due to the blizzard (hence the glass of wine).

Since I had successfully made one scarf I figured I would be daring and use the zig zag function on Betts. It worked and I like this version much better.

Super cute again!

I'll blog about my upcoming projects since I have many up my sleeve!

Fair warning to my friends: since this is a new passion of mine expect lots of scarf gifts in your future. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ok...I would definately like one of those:) Nice job Martha, nice job!


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Great stuff! I love that you named your sewing machine! I feel like mine needs a name like Betty Ann ... I like it! :)

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