Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

On Saturday Matt's dad invited us to join he and Mrs. Brock at Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. We were excited to go since we love Busch Gardens and Christmas so the two put together was sure to be a great time. And it was...

Matt & I by the park entrance. I am one of those people who love the "official" pictures the park employees take on your way in and sell to you on the way out. Unfortunately their systems crashed right before we picked them up and so we had to take the pictures ourselves.

Mr. & Mrs. Brock at the entrance

A few of the rides were open including The Griffon which is a CRAZY roller coaster, I only recommend it for advanced coaster riders. I've never turned down a roller coaster ride and this one took my breath away. The longest line we stood in was for a mysterious "educational attraction". It was a fairly large line and we waited for about 45 minutes, we learned what we were waiting for about 5 minutes in..."live penguins". Now I was excited, I love to see penguins, they are always my favorite attraction at any aquarium. So as we anxiously made our way towards the entrance door I asked the employee "How many penguins are inside?". He sort of shook his head and held up five fingers. Only 5? That was a bit of a bummer. Then the employee tells me they originally only had 2 penguins (they were on loan from Sea World San Antonio) and the display was so pitiful they requested 3 more. So now that I had managed my expectations I was curious to see these penguins. Inside the building the line split into two lines and we were shuffled off into the line that passed 2 of the penguins. Are you ready? Here they are!

Ridiculous! They didn't even move around (not that I blame them)! Not only was the display pitiful but I felt horrible for those poor penguins! I'm sure they have a great environment down at Sea World and yet they have to spend their Christmas in a plastic box in Virginia so thousands of people could stream past saying "we waited an hour for this!?" Shame on you Busch Gardens.

Matt & Mrs. Brock waiting for the freshly popped kettle corn.

Me & Matt by the large snowman in France.

In Germany, the Festhaus (Feast House as we call it ) all lit up!

The North Pole


Park Exit

Christmas Town was a great time and really put me in the holiday spirit. The amount of lights were unbelievable and every country had its own theme and music playing. There were warm adult beverages, hot chocolate and holiday food all through the park. Food, drink, rides, Christmas decorations and family... it was a perfect night. Merry Christmas to all!


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