Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cappa Christmas Extravaganza 2009

This year my Mom's family was able to schedule a weekend together to celebrate Christmas. Since we all live up and down the east coast and my Mom has to work many holidays (as she always says, someone needs to deliver those babies) it can be tricky to all gather in one place. We gathered at my Aunt Cappy & Uncle John's house outside of Philly. It was a fantastic time and anyone who knows my Aunt (and especially her cooking) know that we ate, drank and laughed the whole time. Here are some pictures from the weekend (many courtesy of Pete).

The start of the celebration, Mom, me and Aunt Cappy enjoying a cocktail before our massages.

Sisterly fight in the kitchen with musical accompaniment by Ryan.

Aunt Cappy's fancy holiday Absolute bottle and an awesome pumpkin trifle.

Did I forget to mention this was the weekend of the blizzard of 2009?

Aunt Cappy gave me a plastic margarita glass for the beach!

Penn State football ornaments for the alumni.

Mom and Jonathan with their reindeer decorations.

Grady & Ryan

Peanut is about to open her gift from her Uncle Jonathan aka Tio Juan.

Yay, a Christmas tree chew toy and hoodie!

She loves her hoodie!

Pretty girl!

Peanut playing with the wrapping paper.


P.A.R.T.Y. Napkins given to the only Southerner in the room.
"Prepare For A Rowdy Time Y'all"

You have to be family to understand. Matt is already plotting his revenge.

A chihuahua ornament from Mom.

Would you like some pomegranate martini with your garnish???

The whole gang (minus Pete, the photographer).

You had to be there.


Uncle John & Aunt Cappy (the hosts with the most).


Peanut, Matt, Me, Mom & Jonathan

Peanut, Matt & Me

Jonathan & Pete


I-95 in Maryland on the way home.

The snowy scene we returned home to. Can you see my Honda?

There she is!

It was so much fun to celebrate the holiday with my family! Merry Christmas!


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