Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home Improvement

Lately I've been in the home improvement mood. One day, about a year after we bought the condo, I looked up and thought to myself, "That banister should be white. Why is it not white?" Once I finally decided to paint it myself I understood why it was never painted before. My thinking going into this project was, it's a banister, this is going to be simple and fast to paint. Wrong! I had to paint this banister in numerous sessions that lasted anywhere from 1 to 4 hours each. It needed 3 coats and those little cut out rungs were the worst! Plus the fact that I could only reach the banister from one side made it additionally difficult. To prove how long it took I've put the dates the photos were taken below. It was well worth it in the long run, I personally think it looks great.

August 18th

October 13

A few weeks ago I noticed there was small leak under my bathroom sink. It looked like it was coming from the inside of the faucet and I realized it had to be replaced. Not that I should be surprised, it was the original builder grade faucet from 12 years ago. I have had some previous sink installation experience in my past, but only with a professional guiding me along so I was a bit nervous about tackling this on my own.

My worn out faucet.

I got it out! Gross!

My new faucet!


I even replaced the drain and tail piece! (That's the green pipe below)

I am so proud of myself for replacing this faucet! Okay, okay, I did need a little help from Matt because I wasn't strong enough to unscrew the old corroded supply lines, but all he did was loosen them, I did the rest. I did such a good job he's already commissioned me to replace his bathroom faucet next.



Holly said...

awesome Natalie!!!

Jamie said...

wow! that's impressive, it looks great!

L. Blackwell Photography said...

Your so handy...good for you! The faucet and banister look great :) Amazing what a little white paint and elbow grease can do.

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