Monday, October 26, 2009

Redskins vs. Eagles in Monday Night Football

It wasn't pretty, but by this point in the season we're at the acceptance phase. Monday night games are always a good time so at least we had some tailgating to look forward to after a day in the office. Brian Mitchell was inducted into the Ring of Fame prior to the game so that was cool to see. The Redskins lost to the Eagles 27-17.

E's cool new tailgating toy, it is hypnotic!

Those are the two worst Nurf football passers EVER. They hit us every single time. Notice it is on the ground, they obviously missed AGAIN.

Funny how our Redskins wardrobe has gone to black...

Trying out the red tablecloth this tailgate, hoping it would bring some luck.

Rookie tailgaters, blasted their car radio for hours and then had to ask the cop for a jump.

Beautiful sky.

Red Bull Girls = Free Red Bull! :)

FedEx all lit up!

Matt playing fireman after some who shall go unnamed (hint - he has a guilty face in this picture) dumped over the grill when the coals were still burning.

Precious, my Accord, makes her first appearance at a tailgate (I came straight from work).

Look, I'm sitting on a truck tailgate! Guess you had to be there.

Brian Mitchell's plaque about to be revealed.

Brian Mitchell speaking.

Tony and Graham

Me and Matt

It was a fun outing even if the game was terrible. Only a few more home games to go. We've already decided against going to the Dallas game on December 27th, if you're interested in tickets let me know!


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