Sunday, October 18, 2009

Redskins vs. Chiefs

Not too much to say about this game, the Redskins are terrible (they lost 14-6), the weather was cold and rainy, so just enjoy some pictures.

Matt & Daniel

Heater, Mr. Heater that is.
(Really, it says so on the heater)

Me trying to warm my face.

Neal's Cousin, Daniel, Neal (aka Buf) and Matt
Me & Matt

Creepy talking bear for kids Mrs. Ellithorpe was showing us.

At the stadium, on the top level ramp I noticed these straps. It just seemed silly to me given the state of the team to have such a tempting device over the edge of a huge drop off accessible to thousands of drunk angry fans.

When I turned around I noticed this. I guess I never really noticed before because I'm usually walking quickly up or down these ramps and never stop to look around. Note: this stadium is only 10 years old. Embarrassing. Any Realtor will tell you, paint is the easiest and cheapest thing to update, Danny Boy.

Attendance at kickoff. Not good.

This is the October 18th game right? I didn't think I had to worry about this weather until December.

Attendance in the 2nd quarter, terrible.

Overall, not my favorite outing at FedEx. The next home game is on Monday night against the Eagles. Unless something drastic happens I'm betting on a sea of green in those stands.


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