Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Forget

I got my flu shot today, did you get one yet?

Flu shot season always resurfaces memories of flu shots past. My past 5 flu shots have been pretty standard, Discovery does a free flu shot clinic every fall at the office so we have no excuse not to get it. Prior to working at Discovery I really only remember two other flu shots in my past and here is why, I should preface by saying I used to be (and still am) terrified of shots. I am now able to accept my flu shot but it doesn't mean I don't stress out about it.

One time, I believe I was in college, and I was home in Connecticut for a weekend visit. When I opened my mom's refrigerator to get something to eat I saw "them". Two syringes just laying next to the milk! They might as well have had my and Jonathan's names on them. I knew there was no getting back to State College without that shot so I gave up.

The other memorable flu shot was maybe a year or two later. Again I was home from college and went to visit my mom at work (she's a RN at an undisclosed hospital [to protect the innocent]) like a good little daughter. I was saying hello to everyone at the desk when I heard from my mom's friend Deb, "Nat come back here". Deb and my mom tricked me into the break room, while Deb blocked the door my mom came at me with the flu shot! Dirty trick!

Knock on wood, to this day I have never had the flu, so whether these shots work or not I'm not going to miss one if I can help it. I just wish I could get the N1H1 vaccine but at this time in our area you can only get it if you are in select groups, which I am not. I wish hypochondriac was one of the "priority groups". ;)


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