Thursday, September 24, 2009

WSC...Say It Isn't So

I went to the Washington Sports Club today in Silver Spring as I always (well, usually) do during my lunch hour. I look forward to completing my weight lifting so I may enjoy thirty minutes of cardio. Why do I enjoy cardio? Because WSC has a television at every machine, but the real reason is I can enjoy half a "30 Minute Meals" episode and half a "Barefoot Contessa" episode (two of my favorite Food Network shows).

Obviously not me, just an example of the TV
To my compete horror today when I hit power on the TV and changed the channel to 7 I didn't see my perky Rachael Ray but instead Maury and some girl trying to find her baby's daddy! I couldn't believe my eyes, so I searched every channel as well as waiting through the commercials for the channels that did not have programming on at that second. Finally my worst nightmare was confirmed...they've removed Food Network from the WSC channel lineup! This is a very serious problem for me, I know my cardio will suffer. I may have been the only person that Food Network helps to lose weight, not put it on. Fingers crossed it will be back soon or someone will be utilizing that anonymous comment box in the lobby...


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