Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's the Buzz About?

Every now and then the Discovery Communications marketing team likes to put random "items" up all over the building to get people talking about a new program. In the past it has been huge great white sharks in the elevators (obvious push to Shark Week) and meerkats on the windows (Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor), you get the picture. This leads me to the latest marketing attempt.

Anyone who knows me well knows there are 2 things that make me immediately tense up and in most cases run. These are spiders, ugh, I shiver even typing word, and bees/hornets/wasps. So imagine my surprise when I arrived at work yesterday to this:

Not only were they in the elevator banks, but also the ladies bathroom and the Captivate TVs in the elevators! They are very life like, I don't like to see bees at their normal size not to mention in jumbo form. No one seemed to know what they were all about until I finally got the corporate email today announcing the new show. So I guess I'll plug the bees for those of you who can stomach them. Check your local listings and tune into Planet Green to see "The Last Beekeeper".


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