Friday, September 25, 2009

Waves Are In

I have extremely straight hair. I know I know, some women would kill for naturally straight hair. I understand I am lucky, but in true womanly form, I want something I don't have - wavy hair. The problem is that my hair is not only extremely straight, it refuses to curl. Absolutely refuses. Come on, wavy hair is in and all I need is wavy hair to look like this:

Gisele Bundchen

Okay, maybe I would need a couple more things in order to be a 5'11" Victoria's Secret model but I digress. I went out and bought the best hot rollers $30 (with my $3.50 off coupon to Ulta, you know I love coupons) could buy.

This was the winner, the Conair Jumbo Hot Rollers.

I told Matt my mission to curl my hair and when he walked in the bathroom he asked me why I bought hot rollers when I already owned them. I explained to him that I've never owned hot rollers and he looked at me as if I said I have never owned a toothbrush. Apparently he thought it was crazy that me, a girl, has never owned hot rollers since every girl he knew owned them. This was one of the little things that pops up ever now and again that shows the differences in growing up as a Yankee and a Southerner. I've never known anyone who used hot rollers until I met Matt's sister Magen. I guess we just don't do curly hair up north because I can't remember any of my friends or family that used them.

My straight hair before.



As directed, I added some curling moose prior to applying the curlers and sprayed with flexible hold hairspray. I read that these rollers take practice setting, um yeah. Matt actually said to me when he saw this "It's a good thing Magen is coming next weekend. Maybe she can teach you how to do this right." I felt like a bit of a failure as a woman.

Not a perfect application.

Once the curlers were completely cool I removed them.

Not Gisele-like yet.

Ah! It said to run your fingers through hair to shake the curls loose to create waves. The below picture just further reiterates the fact that my hair refuses to curl.

Only the bangs are acceptable.

Since I was playing hair salon I figured I'd play around with my Bumpits! For those of you who don't know what Bumpits are you can find out at Don't worry, I bought my Bumpits for a lot cheaper (love those coupons) at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Large Bumpits

Side view of the Large Bumpits

Hollywood Bumpits

Top view of Hollywood Bumpits

When I showed Matt my Hollywood Bumpits hairdo he said "The rollers may not have worked but now you really look like a Southern girl with big hair."



Holly said...

you are hilarious! I actually just had a discussion with my stylist...about 15 minutes ago....I asked her where to get the extra large rollers like those and she couldn't tell me. Where did you get them? I have always used hot rollers...but the multi pack. I learned it from my momma growing up.....her's are about 30 years old (no joke..they are stained green). I wanted bigger I want to get the big ones. YOur hair is healthy..that is why it doesn't curl. I put my hot rollers in and it holds for days because my hair is just like straw! Good luck with your rollers!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, I find it hard to believe someone would market a product as bumpits,which sounds like a combination of your butt (bum) and armpits. Your picture with your arm raised showing your really beautiful armpit further enhanced my definition of "bumpits."

Whatever--this is really good post with good images!

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