Monday, September 14, 2009

The Start of Another Skins Season... For Real This Time

Effective Sunday another NFL season is now fully underway (yeah, I know there were games prior to Sunday, but those didn't matter because the Redskins didn't start... losing, until Sunday). The Redskins played the Giants in New York (Jersey) so we got to "enjoy" the game from our living room. The Redskins game didn't start until 4:15 PM so we watched the early games and Matt enjoyed the new NFL Red Zone channel.

Peanut checking her fantasy team, "The Fighting Chihuahuas"

It is all very stressful for a little Chihuahua.

She enlists her Dad's fantasy football expertise.

Finally, game time. Peanut - you need to get ready!

{There should be extremely cute video of Peanut putting her Redskins bandanna on but I think the file is too big to post. I'll try again later}

Why that dog loves putting on bandannas I'll never know. I think it must be the amount of attention she gets while wearing them. And of course her love for the teams her parents love! Unfortunately even Peanut's bandanna wasn't enough good luck to get the Redskins a win. They lost to the Giants 23-17. A bright spot was that Trey joined us for the game viewing and dinner. We have Italian Sunday Suppers when we're in town and I was glad to have Trey there to help us finish all that pasta! This Sunday it was Spaghetti with Chicken, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese. Yum!

Later that night Matt stumbled upon an airing of the half marathon his dad ran in over Labor Day Weekend in Virginia Beach. We kept an eye out for him...

Hmmm, doesn't look like he's in that pack.

And he's definitely not in that one.

We didn't have any luck finding him but we know for a fact that he ran it and did very well!

Looking forward to next weekend's first home game, as long as it doesn't rain!


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