Friday, September 25, 2009

A Sign... Then Again, Maybe Not

Yesterday as I was walking back from the gym through Discovery's rock garden I noticed something under one of the rocks. After a bummer workout (you remember the Food Network incident) it was just the pick me up I needed. It was a beautiful purple flower peaking out between the bottom of the rock and the brick sidewalk. Such a "you can still bloom even when in a tight spot" type of sign. I decided to bring my camera to work today so that I could treasure the image forever.

The Rock Garden

The Rock

To my complete horror when I looked closer at the rock, the flower was gone! I thought for a moment I must have the wrong rock or maybe I was imagining it the whole time. Then I zoomed in.

The remaining flowerless stem. :(

Wanting to see the image again I started searching online for a picture of the flower so you could imagine how beautiful it was under that rock. I found it! It was a purple morning glory.

Who would pick such a beautiful image in the middle of downtown Silver Spring? I hope it was someone who really needed a beautiful flower to make their (or someone else's) day. I know it made mine.


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