Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Last Hurrah...summer 2009.

This weekend Matt, Peanut and I went to the Outer Banks for Labor Day. We've gone down the past 4 years and because of the season you never know what the weather will be. One year Matt and I watched Weather Channel 24/7 because there was a hurricane approaching, the weather was gloomy but the storm never hit. We always have fun no matter what.

This year we have not had good luck with the amount of beach worthy days. Out of 14 days we spent in the Outer Banks only 5 were sunny beach days! Bummer, worst record yet. Even this weekend, out of 3 days we only had 1 sunny day to spend reading on the sand. Friday we waited a while and decided the sun was not coming out so we drove up to Corolla to check out a wine/cigar shop we found online. When we arrived the sun came out which was a nice surprise. The shop was cute, we tried a new chocolate wine (delicious) and bought a couple of local beers. A great thing about Currituck county is there is no open container law so we were able to enjoy our beers on the deck of the shops.

If you ever see Carolina Strawberry, pick it up, you will not be disappointed.

After we drove back down to Kill Devil Hills (or 12 South for those of you in the know) we sat outside and brought Peanut out for some fresh air as well. Much to Matt's dismay I was able to catch this video.

That night we were in the mood for pizza so we tried out New York Pizza Pub in Nags Head. Yum, I highly recommend if you are looking for a full service pizza place on the Outer Banks. And definitely get the cannoli for dessert!

Building Photo

Saturday was our nice weather day so we sat on the beach reading from 10AM-4PM. I finally finished the Twilight series, so so so good!

Saturday night we had dinner at JK's in Kill Devil Hills. It was fantastic! We really didn't know what to expect since the sign just says "steaks-seafood" but it was an extremely nice steakhouse. The food was delicious and the service was superb. We even got to watch the waitstaff hustle around as JK himself came in for dinner.

Sunday we were faced with yet another cloudy day so we headed down to Nags Head to Native Vines which is a local wine store that specializes in local North Carolina wines. We tasted some and bought a couple to bring up north with us. They have another location just before the bridge on the mainland that we'll definitely check out in the future as it is a larger store and they even have a wine festival in October (unfortunately it is the same weekend as a Redskins game so we'll have to wait for the spring version which also features local beers). For dinner we enjoyed some sushi at the local sushi bar and headed back to the cottage to watch a couple of movies (Obsessed and I Love You Man, I would pass on the former if I were you).

All in all another successful trip to the Outer Banks, even without massive amounts of sun. The end of beach season means the start of football season which I guess is a good consolation prize.

Fight on State and Hail to the Redskins!


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