Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go State, beat Syracuse!

Today Penn State played Syracuse in Happy Valley. I had a meeting that was supposed to end right before kick off but it ran late and I got home about 45 minutes into the game - horror! Luckily Matt had recorded the game so we could start from the beginning and had dressed in his Penn State shirt and got Peanut ready as well.

Peanut is begging for some treats from her dad.
(Sorry the video is sideways.
Note to self: You can't rotate video like you can photos)

Apparently Peanut was not impressed with Penn State's second half performance.

Penn State defeated Syracuse 28-7 so to celebrate Peanut was allowed to have her Frosty Paws (ice cream for dogs).

Don't tell her but I had to grab it from her to cut it in half because someone (Matt) gave her too much. She would have been there all night trying to finish it!


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