Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Home Game of the Season

This was it, the first home Redskins game of the 2009 season. Magen and Graham came up on Saturday night and Sunday morning we headed over to FedEx Field bright and early to try to figure out this new tailgating situation once and for all. We found a great spot and started setting up. It was a beautiful sunny day in MD, perfect day for tailgating and football.

Our new tailgate spot.
We can even see the stadium now
(not so much in previous years).

Graham and Matt warming up the End of Summer Chili.

Pouring the first Mimosas of the season.
(Oh yeah, I only pour the good stuff)

I even made them burgundy and gold! ;)

Just in case you were wondering...

Me & Matt

Me, Matt, Magen & Graham

End of Summer Chili and Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread

Um, yeah, it's not quite that hot out dude.

The only problem with beautiful sunny days in September, Yellow Jackets. Matt was the unlucky winner of the first sting of the year.

There are now 2 trails through the woods that lead to the stadium from the Grey Lot. We went with the shorter more obvious choice. These people went with the longer darker trail. It was so funny listening to them laughing and shouting in the woods minutes before they ever emerged. Very LOST like...

I guess this guy decided the visor on his hat was better served covering his neck and he instead decided to use a flyer on the front. I find this amusing.

We're still smiling so it must be early in the game.

Even my toes and flip flops match!

Two sections over I spy Trey, Daniel, Big Mama and Bob...


Ugly score considering we're playing against the Rams!

Thumbs down Redskins!

This game is painful.

Don't tell Magen and Matt, but Graham and I are finishing the tailgating leftovers in the back seat!

The Redskins "won" 7-6 but it was not a satisfactory victory. Good thing the tailgating, food and time with friends and family was a complete success!


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Anonymous said...

It still counts--don't be so picky! Of course, as a totally non-sports fan, I don't understand the nuances...


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