Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1st Annual MAM Charity Golf Classic

Matt, his business partner Ara and their friend Mat decided to host a charity golf tournament in order to raise money for the Yellow Ribbon Fund. It was held today and was a success! I'm so proud of the guys for helping out such a wonderful cause. The tournament was held at Northwest Golf Course in Silver Spring and we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather.

Ara at the registration table.

Yellow Ribbons on the golf carts.

Spokesperson for the Yellow Ribbon Fund welcoming the golfers.

They are ready to go!

And they're off!

The 12th Hole aka the Hole in One Contest Hole.

Graham, Craig and Matt contemplating their putts.

Storm clouds rolling in.

Kim and I were in charge of overseeing the Hole in One Contest in case anyone actually made it. This one was very close! Only about 1 foot away!

Again, I'm just so proud of the guys and can't wait for next year's MAM Charity Golf Classic! For more information on the Yellow Ribbon Fund please go to www.yellowribbonfund.com.


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